Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing
Mowing patterns will present a neat professional appearance. Trimming will be done around trees, bushes, fences, flower beds, all raised curb areas, etc. when a mowing occurs. Concrete driveways and sidewalks will be edged with a blade edger or string trimmer. Resulting clippings and waste will be removed from sidewalks, driveways, streets, landscape beds, etc.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Programs
We provide a six step program that will fit the needs of your lawn. We use professional grade products designed to develop a healthy deep root system to promote a greener lawn. We also use products that will control and suppress annual grassy and broadleaf weeds. Optional Service
Grub Control, Yellow Nutsedge, Fungicide Treatments, Lime Treatments, Flea and Tick Control and Mole Treatment.